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Publisher's description

With memoQ you can automatically retrieve everything that you have translated before.

You can define what information you don'’t want to import, and how to serialize the content. You can also cope with complicated file formats, such as XML embedded into Excel.

What's new in version 6.2

Muses. memoQ 6.2 now suggests expressions extracted from translation memories as you type.
SDL Studio package (SDLPPX) support.
New QA checks. Identify discrepancies between the TM contents and the document for 100% and 101% matches, check if tags are ordered properly, enjoy more ease of use and better flexibility in checking that your translations are not longer than allowed.
Enhanced predictive typing. memoQ 6.2’s predictive typing is now case sensitive, and minds punctuation marks and apostrophes.
101% matches in LiveDocs. Keep context information when working with matches coming from LiveDocs. (This works with newly created corpora, not with previously created ones.)
AutoPick. Press Ctrl in the target segment to insert numbers, tags, term base entries, and upper-case words from the source and from the translation results.
Right-click spelling suggestions. Suggested corrections will come up for words underlined by the spell checker.
Multiple MT engines used at the same time. Get matches from all selected MT engines at the same time, and pick the best one.
New filtering and sorting options. Filter for X-translated segments, for segments with tracked changes, for modifications made by certain users or segment modification time, and sort by segment status.
Versioning improvements. Restore a previous state of a segment or the entire document. This is the ultimate protection against unwanted changes.

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